SWEEP Appoints New Board Member Leonard Robinson: Waste Advantage Article (7/6/22)


SWEEP (Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Performance Standard) announces the appointment of Leonard Robinson to its board of directors. “A long-time and trusted colleague introduced me to SWEEP. He and I had discussions for years about how the waste industry needs to have standards like they do in production. There is an adage attributed to Peter Drucker that goes, ‘If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed’. My years in steel production were aligned with this adage, especially if we wanted peak efficiency which had an effect on the profit margins. I hope my years of experience in both production and government will be a positive addition to the talented and experienced SWEEP board. SWEEP’s goals are in alignment with my professional values and experience and I’m looking forward to helping SWEEP transform the waste industry towards a more sustainable future.”

Leonard is a Partner and Chief Sustainability Strategist for Sustainable Environmental Management Company, located in Atlanta, GA. He currently serves as the Sustainability Consultant to the Catholic Archdiocese in Atlanta; a congregation of more than 1.2 million parishioners. Robinson served as an appointee under former California Governors Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Acting Director and Chief Deputy Director of the California Environmental Protection Agency – Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). He was part of the Executive Team at Cal/EPA that created California’s Climate Change Policy (AB32) and the Safe Consumer Products Regulation (Green Chemistry). Previously, he served former Governors Pete Wilson and Gray Davis on the Colorado River Board of California. During his political career, Robinson has served as an appointee under four California Governors.

Prior to his gubernatorial appointments, Robinson was the Environmental/Safety Manager at TAMCO Steel, California’s only steel mill. His responsibilities included compliance with federal, state and local regulations regarding worker safety and protection of the environment. While at TAMCO Steel, Leonard started a program that recycled used oil filters into steel reinforcing rebar for use in the construction industry. “Project Isaiah”, another recycling program started by Leonard, focused on melting and recycling confiscated firearms delivered by Southern California law enforcement agencies into rebar. An informal poll showed Leonard’s position at TAMCO was the toughest environmental job in California. “We are so fortunate to have Leonard Robinson join us on the Board of SWEEP,” said Rob Watson, President and Founder of The SWEEP Standard. “He brings a fantastic creativity that has led to groundbreaking ideas, such as Project Isaiah, and a burning desire to solve difficult social and environmental problems, which is what we are trying to tackle through SWEEP.”

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