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SWEEP Committees are run by Solid Waste experts from across the country.

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SWEEP’s webinar series brings in top subject matter experts to present on hot-button issues and emerging concepts in the solid waste management industry. Check out our YouTube page to get access to an eclectic array of free webinars and hear from thought leaders from every facet of the materials management industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SWEEP?

SWEEP stands for Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Performance standard.

SWEEP is a market transformation standard targeting municipalities & waste management service providers that will identify and reward leaders in Sustainable Materials Management. SWEEP also defines a roadmap to evaluate comprehensive policies and calculate achievement metrics, as well as provides performance benchmarks for sustainable waste collection, recovery, and disposal practices and technologies.

What are the Vision and Mission of SWEEP?

SWEEP Vision
A world without waste where materials are valued and continually utilized for their highest and best purpose, without causing harm to human health and the environment.

SWEEP Mission
To promote continuous improvement toward a zero waste society that is environmentally restorative, economically productive, socially just, and to recognize and reward municipal and industry leadership in sustainable materials management.

Why is SWEEP being developed?

In spite of stagnant performance in the industry there is a strong and growing interest in the lifecycle of sustainable materials management.

There are no universally accepted standards, protocols or definitions governing municipal and waste management industry performance for sustainable materials management for MSW.

Voluntary standards, such as LEED, have led to profound positive transformations of the industries that adopt them.

How can I get involved?

We are beginning the process of forming several new committees:

  • Performance Category Committees: Sustainable Materials Management
  • Waste Generation & Prevention
  • Collection
  • Post-Collection Processing and Disposal
  • KPI Categories (listed above)
  • Zero Waste

Write us at: info@sweepstandard.org