SWEEP+ Pilot Certification

The SWEEP+ Pilot Certification Program is currently underway with 10+ Pilot Participants made up of local governments and the private waste management services providers that support them. SWEEP is accepting a handful of additional pilot participants through the end of 2022 in order to find ground truth for the standard itself as well as for the certification process as a whole. SWEEP is seeking leaders in the sustainable materials management industry that are geographically diverse to ensure that regionally specific waste and materials management needs are taken into account within the standard.

Participating in the SWEEP+ Certification Program is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment and leadership in the ESG space within the waste management industry through third-party certification. SWEEP+ Certification will also help to restore the confidence of your residents and customers that waste within your jurisdiction or by your business is being managed in the most sustainable way possible. SWEEP+ Certification is also a unique opportunity to stand out vs. other cities, counties or waste management company’s across the country. Become a SWEEP+ Pilot Participant today and gain the recognition as a leader in sustainable materials management and help transform the waste industry towards a more sustainable future.

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