Our Mission

A better approach to solid waste programs and services

The materials lifecycle results in significant energy and environmental impacts and a sustainable materials management approach to producing and disposing of materials is vital to a sustainable, low-carbon future. You can’t manage what you don’t measure – but you can’t measure what you haven’t defined. Inconsistent definitions and calculation methodologies convolute the country’s unsustainable waste issues. SWEEP aims to help solve these issues by bringing consistency and standardization to key definitions and performance metrics for today’s Balkanized waste management system.

SWEEP aims to transform the materials management industry and help it become more environmentally conscious, innovative, and efficient. SWEEP identifies and rewards sustainable best practices and policies of local governments and the waste management service providers that support them, while additionally serving as a roadmap for continued, sustainable success.

Your participation, support, and commitment to a building a circular economy work to achieve SWEEP’s goal of setting a national standard for the Sustainable Materials Management field.

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