There are many exciting ways to get involved with SWEEP today.

SWEEP National Consensus Committee (NCC): SWEEP’s NCC is free to join and allows interested parties from the industry to actively comment on the Standard. The NCC is called upon when SWEEP is in the development process of creating a Standard. Currently, the NCC is closed for the SWEEP+ Pilot Standard but we will be looking to grow our NCC shortly when SWEEP develops SWEEP Zero (Zero Waste Standard) and SWEEP (Mid-market Standard going through and full ANSI Setting Process).


SWEEP MembershipSWEEP membership is an annual charge based on the population of your local government or revenue of your material management business. The fee is purposefully kept low so we may have as many active and engaged participants as possible. Membership grants your organization access to participate in up to three SWEEP committees allowing your local government’s/company’s voice to be heard in the development process. We look for a wide range of members so we can better refine and define the Standard to better suit individuals with geographic constraints seeking to certify. Membership also signals your commitment to a sustainable future and connects you with a network of driven individuals seeking to catalyze that change. Membership also comes with a discount on SWEEP materials for founding members. You can view current and former members, here

Being a Member of SWEEP gives you access to participation in the standard-setting committees and discounts on certification, The SWEEP Certification Manual (to come), SWEEP Professional Accreditation, Conferences, training and other services and materials offered. Founding Members receive an additional discount on top of the regular Member discount for a period of 2 years (until the end of 2021).

Local Government Membership Packages

Solid Waste Management Industry Membership Packages 

Non-Profit/University Membership Packages 

Individual/Unaffiliated Membership Packages 


SWEEP CommitteesSWEEP is currently in the process of expanding our technical committees. Committee’s meet once a week or every other week for one hour.

Current committees with openings include

  • Sustainable Materials Management Policy Committee: This committee will help further refine and define best practices and implementation tactics for the credits outline within this section of the SWEEP+ Standard.
  • Waste Generation and Prevention Committee: This Committee focuses on data collection/education programs/training programs.
  • Solid Waste Collection Committee: This committee focuses on the technical elements associated with the credits of this section in the SWEEP+ Standard. It emphasizes emissions requirements for collection vehicles/transfer stations/ and best practices associated with the collection of waste.
  • Post Collection Recovery Committee: Emphasis on recovery facilities (MRFs, Anaerobic digestion/composting, C&D Recovery Facilities)
  • Post Collection Recovery Committee: Focuses on landfills and best management practices.


SWEEP Sponsorship Packages here

By joining SWEEP and sponsoring SWEEP events, your contributions help to develop the SWEEP Standard and the tools and materials needed to simplify and reduce the cost of certifying to the standard.

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