National Consensus Committee: What it Entails

SWEEP National Consensus Committee (NCC)

What it is: The SWEEP NCC is the committee that approves the final Municipal Standard’s content.

What it entails: NCC Members must participate in the National Consensus Meeting in order to have full voting privileges in the ANSI Accredited Consensus Process being led by the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS).

Tentative Schedule:

  • Public comment period ends March 1st, 2019
  • SWEEP Committees incorporate comments for ballot draft
  • Ballot Draft SWEEP Municipal Standard released mid-to-late March
  • National Consensus Meeting held in mid-to-late April in California
  • 30 days to comment and vote on the Ballot Draft Municipal Standard

SWEEP Industry Trade Association Policy is in effect.

Information About Joining the National Consensus Committee

  • It is free to join NCC
  • Not necessary to join SWEEP, but SWEEP membership is encouraged to help prepare the Standards for easier implementation

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