PCD Credit: OSHA-Compliant Facilities


PCD Credit 7: OSHA-Compliant Facilities (1-2 points)



Promote safe and efficient operation of waste disposal facilities.[1]

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

Prevent or identify and correct OSHA-related operational violations and/or recommendations in all OSHA covered facilities under the control of the Local Government or Company.

Tier 1: (1 point)

●      Demonstrate a current OSHA-compliant safety plan that has been updated within the past 2 years.

●      Conduct an OSHA (or equivalent)-Level audit by a qualified auditor following the official forms, which must be completely filled out.

Qualified auditors include:

●      Federal or State OSHA inspector;

●      Insurance inspector (must have current CSP, or CIH certification);

●      Union CIH or equivalent safety official 

Full remediation of all OSHA (or equivalent) incidents reported.

Tier 2: (1 point)

●      Fulfill Tier 1 requirements 


●      Implement a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). See OSHA Guidelines: www.osha.gov/dcsp/vpp/index.html

Potential Strategies:

●       List all OSHA violations and state of resolution for the last 5 years.

[1] “Waste disposal facility” includes transfer stations, landfills and thermal conversion facilities.


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