PCD Credit 4: Effective Utilization of Recovered Methane (1-2 points)



Minimize greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

Utilize the methodology outlined in the US Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule, 40 CFR Part 98 Subpart HH to calculate landfill gas generated by landfills covered by this rule that are owned, controlled or utilized by the Local Government or Company. Report calculated values for:

●      Landfill gas generated

●      Methane content

●      CO2e in tons per year (Equation A-1)

Demonstrate that non-methane toxic organic compounds, halogenated compounds, dioxins and furans have been removed from the gas and properly disposed of.


Tier One: (1 point)

●      Demonstrate that at least 90 percent of landfill gas collected is utilized in place of conventional fossil fuels.

Tier Two: (1 point)

●      Demonstrate that at least 90 percent of landfill gas collected is converted to a functional use through non-burn landfill gas management methods.

Potential Strategies

Utilize recovered landfill gas for:

●      Creation of methyl alcohol as an industrial feedstock

●      Creation of dry ice from CO2

●      Process heat

●      Electricity generation

●      Combined heat and power

●      Compressed fuel for mobile equipment and or collection vehicles

●      Selling gas to distribution network

●      Follow the criteria calculation methodology described in the Certification Manual 

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