PCR Credit 9: Material Recovery Cost Transparency

PCR Credit 9: Material Recovery Cost Transparency (1 point)



Provide transparency to the cost of recovering recycled and composted or digested materials.

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

●      Calculate the average cost per ton or per Household or per capita of processing and transporting of materials recovered from residential and nonresidential customers by/through the Local Government Program or the contracted Company’s program

○      All materials collected through single or dual-stream recycling program, e.g.; Paper, Metal, Glass, Plastic and other materials

○      Yard/Green Waste

○      Food Waste

○      Cost of managing contamination/residuals

●      Demonstrate how costs are covered. 

Potential Strategies:

●      Include program overhead and administrative costs in per ton/Household/capita calculations. These figures do not need to be reported separately, however.

●      Publicize results on the Local Government’s and Company’s website

●      Protect or mask proprietary information 

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