PCR Credit 7: Clean and Efficient Material Recovery and Organics Processing Facilities (1-2 points)



Minimizing the environmental footprint of material recovery and organics processing facilities.   

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

Tier 1: (1 point)

●      Meet the renewable energy or carbon offset requirements of WGP Credit 6: Sustainable Capital and Utility Procurement

●      Facility(ies)      is/are Energy Star Certified or implement(s) energy conservation best practices that result in a 25 percent savings in energy consumption (over a LEED compliant baseline).

●      Facility(ies) address(es) ambient and indoor air quality through proper dust control practices.

●      Facility(ies) provide(s) employees with daylight/natural light and access to views/nature.

●      40 percent of at least one facility (by value, excluding equipment) is constructed from recycled or repurposed materials. This excludes processing equipment.

●      Facility(ies) minimize(s) water use and/or utilize(s) reclaimed water

Tier 2: (1 point)

Facility(ies) is/are certified under a recognized standard such as LEED, Envision Infrastructure Rating System, etc.

Potential Strategies:

●      Utilize solar energy.

●      The facility uses electric, natural gas or alternative fueled vehicles.

●      The facility implements energy-reduction processes (motion-activated lighting, efficient equipment, etc.) and practices.

●  Utilize LEED compliant baseline and energy saving calculation procedure in the SWEEP+ Certification Manual.

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