PCR Credit 3: Producing High Quality Products from Recovered Organic Materials (1-3 points)



Promote high quality organic end products from organic processing infrastructure.

Local Government and Industry Requirements:


and/ or

Anaerobic Digestion


Test and manage digestate according to the American Biogas Council’s Digestate Certification Program: http://digestate.org/about-the-program/summary-of-the-program/

Tier 1:

(1 point)

Produce STA Certified Compost for 80 percent of compost produced. https://compostingcouncil.org/seal-of-testing-assurance/

Produce biogas with a minimum average 65 percent CH4 content or meet state set average of CH4 content (Whichever is higher).

Tier 2:

(2 points)

Produce STA Certified Compost for 95 percent of compost produced.

Facility is operated by a Certified Compost Professional™ from the USCC or equivalent


Produce biogas with a minimum average 75 percent CH4 content or exceed state set average of CH4 content by 20% (Whichever is higher).

Process biogas output to extract non-combustible and contaminant gases.

Potential Strategies:

●     Pre and post-composting screening for organic inputs and compost and anaerobic digestion outputs

●     Undergoes regular testing (heavy metals, other contaminants, and agronomic parameters) per US Composting Council guidelines.

●     Provides or publishes information to the public for proper use of compost or digestate products generated by their facilities.

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