SWC Credit 6: Solid Waste Collection Cost Transparency (2 points)



Provide transparency to the cost of collecting and transporting waste materials.

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

●       Calculate the cost per ton or cost per household or per capita (single and multifamily) or “cost per collected yard” per commercial customer of collecting and transporting discarded materials, including mixed waste, recycling and organic material, from the Local Government jurisdiction or Company’s service area.

o   Collecting is from curbside to transfer station or final disposition.

o   Transporting is from transfer station to MRF/Landfill/Compost facility

o   Break down cost by waste stream. MSW, C&D, Recycling, Universal Waste, etc.

●       Demonstrate how costs are covered.

●       Make cost data available to waste customers in the Local Government and/or make cost data available to those serviced by the solid waste Company

Potential Strategies:

●      Include performance/service and labor rate issues.

●      Evaluate whether there are cross subsidies between residential and non-residential collection.

●      Only top-level costs need to be presented, e.g. MSW collection cost = $75/ton; Recycling Collection $120/ton or $4.37/household/month. Breakouts of these costs are not required.

●      Indicate whether commercial material collected is compacted after collection and before disposal.

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