SWC Credit 1: Alternative Collection Options for Recyclable and Compostable Products and Materials (2 points)



Provide various collection methods for recyclable and discarded materials

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

Demonstrate access for 90 percent or more of your customers to one or more of the following collection options for Recyclable Materials and Compostable Materials:

●      Pick-up programs: curbside (frequency, scope)

▪        E.g. Weekly curbside pick-up of recyclables.

●      Drop-off programs/facilities (accessibility; proximity; hours of operation)

●      Street bins: coverage, servicing, materials collected, color-coding/identification

Potential Strategies:

●      Identify the number of residents or customers covered by operating curbside programs.

●      Site and support drop-off facilities in convenient locations.

●      Adopt standardized color-coding and labeling of private and public carts and bins.

o   Conversion to standardized colors and/or labels can occur in conjunction with retirement of existing non-conforming color-coded containers.

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