WGP Credit 9: Household Hazardous Waste Reduction and Engagement Program (1 point)



Educate the public on existing HHW infrastructure and available avenues for HHW reduction in order to minimize potential negative human health impacts and pollution of the natural environment.                                                            

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

Demonstrate that the information about household hazardous waste programs has the potential to reach 80-90 percent of residents within the Local Government’s jurisdiction or Company’s service area. Best practices include the following:

●      List of materials considered household hazardous waste and how to properly dispose (i.e. drop-off or pickup) through an engaging platform (i.e. website) 

●      List of products that meet the EPA Safer Choice Standard (https://www.epa.gov/saferchoice/products)

●      Publish activities, lessons, and/or worksheets that explain household hazardous waste and the danger of exposure designed for children.

Potential Strategies:

●      Develop a hazardous waste website & publish the URL to citizens.

●      Include ‘bill stuffers’ for utility (electricity, water, sewer, trash, etc.) bills, tax bills or other regular communication with residents.

●      Post notices in local print, visual and online media.

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