WGP Credit 2: Reuse and Rescue Programs/Projects (1-3 points)



To reduce disposal of products and food that are still usable or are fit for consumption through reuse and rescue programs.

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

Local government and/or its vendors or the Company should:

●      Support or implement product reuse or upcycling programs


●      Support or Implement a daily Prepared Food rescue program for healthy and Edible Food.


●      Support or Implement a program of heavily discounted pricing for food near or at expiration date. 


Food Rescue (percent of available Edible Food)


Near Expiration Date Discount Program

Tier 1: (1 Point)

Rescue 10 percent of available Edible Food


10 percent of local food stores have discount program

Tier 2: (1 Point)

Rescue 20 percent


20 percent of local food stores

Tier 3: (1 Point)

Rescue 25 percent


25 percent of local food stores

Potential Strategies:

●      Support or encourage local product reuse programs and organizations through grants, publicity, educational awareness, social media, and/or technical assistance

○      Upcycling opportunities

○      Local reuse companies and agencies

○      Material reuse donations from businesses and institutions for schools 

●      Support or encourage local food rescue organizations through grants, publicity, educational awareness, social media, and/or technical assistance.

●      Connect residents and non-profits with food rescue smartphone applications that alert user whenever excess food becomes available for discounted or free consumption (ex: Food for All, Gebni, goMkt, etc.).

●      “Spoiler Alert” for products with limited lifetime

●      Recognize and promote stores that are being proactive in food waste recovery (e.g. Kroger Zero Waste, Zero Hunger)

●      Adopt additional “good Samaritan law” to augment the federal “Bill Emerson Act” which reduces liability for food vendors

○      Have a health inspector go to food vendors to clarify these laws

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