SMMP Credit 5: Advanced Comprehensive Sustainable Materials Management Policy 

(2 points)



To adopt policies and programs to promote environmental stewardship, including highest
and best use of materials, to reduce the overall generation of waste.  

Local Government and Industry Requirements

Implement the requirements of SMMP Prerequisite 1 and adopt additional policy elements
that cover most/all of the following, as applicable to the Local Government or

●      Regular collection of
waste characterization and volume/weight data

●      Measure and or calculate vehicle, disposal, and processing
emissions (greenhouse gas, and criteria air pollutants) of each of the three
major programs: trash, recycling, and compost.

●      Collection and treatment
of organics

●      Energy efficiency and
contamination standards for material recovery facilities (MRFs)

●      Research, Development
& Deployment (RD&D) incentive and education program for advanced
sustainable material management technology and products for recovered materials

●      Disposal material ban(s)

●     Mutual Aid Agreements requires a sustainable materials management
plan for disaster debris management on the part of included agencies.

   Potential Strategies:

●      Evaluate different data collection options for regular waste characterization studies.

●      Develop an organics processing strategy.

●      Determine feasibility, including cost, infrastructure, etc. and legal precedent for banning certain materials from disposal.

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