SMMP Credit 4: Regular Waste Characterization and Generation Study Policy (2 points)





To collect up-to-date data to support the development and evaluation of effective and sustainable materials management programs.

Local Government and Industry Requirements

Develop and adopt a policy to regularly collect data on the generation and characterization of all materials collected within the boundary of the Local Government or the Company’s service area, including MSW, Recycled Material, Organic Material and C&D Material.

The Government policy or Company program shall reference and require waste characterization and generation studies to follow the SWEEP Guidelines for Waste Characterization and Waste Generation Studies[1].

At a minimum, the policy must specify that a Comprehensive Waste Characterization Study and a Comprehensive Waste Generation Study be conducted every 7 years, with at least one Waste Characterization Update and one Waste Generation Update either 3 or 4 years between major studies.[2] Numbers should be calculated using verifiable weights wherever possible.

Potential Strategies:

●      Utilize Re-TRAC Connect as a data collection platform.

●      Evaluate the development and implementation of a verification/certification/audit process.

●      Engage colleges and universities to help conduct waste characterization surveys or updates.

[1] SWEEP Methodologies for calculating the Diversion Rate, Waste Generation and Characteristics will be under development during the Pilot Phase. Diversion rates should not include materials disposed of by waste to energy facilities. Diversion rates should not include waste derived alternative daily cover, such ash, sewage sludge, or recyclable materials.

[2] SWEEP will accept studies and updates from organized waste sheds in which the certifying Local Government or Industry partner is located.

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