SMMP Prescriptive Path

SMMP Credit 2: Materials Processing Infrastructure and Market Development Policy (2 points)




To support economic development by increasing local and/or regional processing infrastructure and markets for recovered materials.

Local Government Requirements

Develop and adopt a policy that facilitates and supports the development of public and/or private processing and manufacturing infrastructure for recovered materials and incentives for purchasing the output of these facilities.

Industry Requirements

Not applicable.

 Potential Strategies:

●      Convene an Enabling Board to support local economic development through material recovery and processing infrastructure.

●      “Buy local” and “buy recycled” content incentives in procurement. Incentives can include low-interest loans, grants, technical assistance and business development and marketing support.

●      Be a collaborative partner, streamline and assist in the project development process for qualifying projects, including accelerating permitting, fee or tax reductions, etc.

●      Integrate market development incentives in service agreements, i.e., offset costs of processing for hard-to-market recoverable materials.


●       Set up a “last chance” mercantile stores that sell reusable goods that have been either donated to or salvaged by waste processing facilities.

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