SMMP Credit 10: Industry: Comprehensive Public Reporting of Corporate Sustainability (1-3 points)


 Intent: Provide public transparency regarding corporate policy and activity around economically, environmentally and socially sustainable business practices.

Local Government Requirements

Not applicable.

Industry Requirements

Tier One: (1 point)

Publish an annual Corporate Sustainability Report that includes
the following:

●     Statement of corporate commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability

●     A list of specific and quantifiable corporate sustainability goals

●     A stated roadmap to achieve sustainability goals

 Tier 2: (2 points)

Publish an
annual Corporate Sustainability Report that meets Tier One requirements and
includes the following:

●     Progress to date on the achievement of goals (KPIs)

o  Provide verified data on achievement

●     Assess and quantify the economic impact of sustainability

o  Provide up-to-date and verified data of economic impact

●     Publish data on company website or make the information accessible to the public in
another manner

 Potential Strategies:

●     Create the role of Chief Sustainability Officer to interface with the public around these topics.

●     Provide compelling and accessible graphics about information found in the report.

●     Make the Sustainability Report available online and through social media.

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