CA Organics Recycling Law (SB 1383), What We’ve Learned So Far & Its Implications

Are we literally throwing away our chance to manage our communities more sustainably?

That was the tough topic that Jon Michael Huls-Garcia tackled during our June webinar, “California’s Organics Recycling Law SB1383: Lessons Learned & Implications”.

The progress report certainly has its bleaker moments—including that CA failed to meet the 2022 goal of reducing its organic waste stream by 50%. However, the report also comes with a wealth of other insights, including potential streams to ramp up capacity, the key sectors to revolutionize consumer behavior, and the fact that 103 million pounds of edible food have already been kept out of landfills to date—with a goal to up that to nearly 2 billion by 2025! 🍎

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