Exploration Credit 1: Collective Bargaining Agreement (2 points)




Provide best practices working conditions and worker empowerment in waste collection, processing and disposal activities and facilities.

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

Have in place a collective bargaining agreement for workers engaged in waste collection, recovered materials processing, recovered organics processing, or waste disposal facilities.

Potential Strategies:

  • Provide opportunities for facility workers to organize.

Exploration Credit 2: Use of Measured, Verified or Certified Data (2 points)



Develop materials management policy and projects based on real, current data, rather than estimates or assumptions.

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

For SWEEP credits where estimated data or calculations are called for: Utilize measured, verified data or certify to a program that verifies data. Applies to credits WGP Prerequisite 1, WGP Credit 3, SWC Credit 2, PCR Credit 1, PCR Credit 2.

Bonus points are available to all credits where qualifying data is used, up to the 10-point Innovation Credit limit

Potential Strategies:

  • Develop an ongoing measurement and reporting program for waste management activities.

Exploration Credit 3: Maximize Supply Chain Efficiency (1 point)



Maximize local environmental and economic benefits and minimize excess transportation.

Local Government and Industry Requirements:

Locate single and dual stream recycling facilities within 20 miles of the Local Government jurisdiction or Company service area boundary.

  • Facilities must meet the Good Neighbor requirements of PCD Credit 10

Potential Strategies

  • Maximize waste transport route efficiency
  • Cite and construct facilities within designated service areas
  • Work with broker to determine nearby available markets for recycled conten

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