Current SWEEP Language:
SWC: Commitment to safe working conditions
“Drivers should limit hours driven consecutively. A 30-minute non-driving break should take
place between the 4th and 6th hour of driving. Drivers should work no more than 12 hours per
day. Drivers should not work more than 6 days consecutively except in situations of responding
to Force Majeure events. Or state/federal regulations, whichever is more stringent.”
SWANA Comment
SWANA continues to object to the inclusion of a required 30-minute break in SWC Credit 7. Although we recognize that SWEEP has identified two studies from the thousands of studies in the literature concerning when drivers of waste collection vehicles should have a 30-minute break, there likely are other studies that support taking a break at other times, and others that support no break at all. The federal government has considered, issued, and revised Hours of Service (HOS) rules for decades. There is not a mandatory break requirement in the HOS rules, because it is not supported by the scientific evidence..

SWEEP Response 

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