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How it Works

Schedule a Video Meeting

The SWEEP team will schedule a video meeting with the client to better understand their unique materials management system. The SWEEP team will review the Certification Process with the client and determine whether they are ready for SWEEP’s beginners gap analysis.

Further Your Progress

SWEEP will provide a template to perspective clients to further the initial program assessment. This template will allow the certifying entity to go through each individual requirement within SWEEP and track their progress in achieving varying levels of certification. Do not worry. SWEEP’s team will be on-hand to aid you through this task and help in any way we can.

Perform an Initial Assessment

SWEEP’s team will do an initial assessment of your operations and waste system and see how your accomplishments track to the SWEEP+ certification process. After this step is complete SWEEP will follow up with the client to inform them of their progress and work through any questions our analysts may have encountered during the assessment.

  • Secures your status in the SWEEP+ Pilot certification program.
  • Access to all SWEEP materials and certification manual
  • Customized gap analysis for Certifying Entity
  • Access to SWEEP staff to aid with any questions
  • Access to RE-TRAC Connect X SWEEP Certification forms
  • SWEEP Staff will work with members of your team to prep and submit materials needed to satisfy SWEEP credits.
  • Media Coverage through trade publications
  • SWEEP Certification

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