Municipal WGP Draft Credit 9: Litter education and engagement (x points)


Educate the public on the social and environmental impact of litter and engage the community in litter reduction activities.


  • Publish litter education tools and materials online and through other media and ensure equal access to all residents.
  • Example tools and materials include: school modules, educational activities designed for both children and adults, downloadable PDF posters clearly listing materials accepted in recycling streams, etc. e.g. Marking storm drains that empty directly into local water bodies.
    • Demonstrate that information about the program is accessible to 80% or more of the community.
    • Establish a continual litter prevention campaign within the community (i.e. slogans such as “Don’t Mess with Texas”).
      • Option 1: Pursue as an independent entity.
      • Option 2: Partner with an organization (i.e. non-profit).
    • Target litter prevention through sponsored area clean-ups (i.e. parks, beaches, highways, etc.).

Potential Strategies

  • Ballot bins (fun questions for people to vote with their litter).
  • Slogans that curb littering behavior (i.e. Don’t Mess with Texas).
  • Turn litter bins into charity collection tins.
  • Dunna Chuck Bruck: example of putting the community first in litter prevention campaign.
  • Partnering with local businesses and doing “Adopt a Street” programs.
  • Social media and press visibility.
  • Partnerships with companies to reduce litter on streets, especially since litter has their brand on it.
  • Characterizing litter stream for public info on common items being tossed.
  • More complete enforcement of litter laws.


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