Municipal WGP Draft Credit 2: Municipal Source Reduction Programs (x points)


Encourage reduced waste generation to reduce material use


Develop, support and promote at least 5 of the following—or equivalent—waste reduction/reuse programs in the municipality

  • Pay as you throw programs [issue of illegal dumping and ‘cheating’]
  • Food waste reduction: Prevent healthy and consumable food from being wasted
  • Staffed swap shops & construction material clearinghouses
  • Repair cafes
  • Support corporate reuse/repair programs, Patagonia, etc.
  • Charity reuse programs, such as Salvation Army and Goodwill; Vietnam Veterans of America programs–materials collected and distributed to veterans
  • Backyard composting or grasscycling programs
  • Material exchanges and/or material libraries, (e.g. textiles/clothing)
  • Material opt-out options (i.e. phone books, news publications, etc.)
  • Municipal-sponsored book drives for community re-circulation

Potential Strategies

  • Provide residents kitchen composting bins, composting instruction manuals.
  • Printed and online resources to respond to questions.



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