Municipal SWC Draft Credit 8: Collection Safety Protocols and Training (x points)


Reduce collection vehicle accidents and worker injuries.



 Mandatory: Implement an ongoing safety and equipment usage training program.


Option 1: “Accessible” Training (Mandatory for new hires; ongoing) In the predominant/fluent language; graphic-based or video training; globalized hazard recognition symbols used.


Option 2: Conduct an OSHA-Level audit by a qualified auditor.


Qualified auditors include:

  • Federal or State OSHA inspector;
  • Insurance inspector;
  • Union safety official;


Option 3: Full remediation of all OSHA incidents reported

  • “OSHA-Type” inspection/audit; insurance company; inspection recommendations
    • Worker injuries
    • Automated arms to reduce injuries
    • Right side of the road pick-up; Lighting and strobes; limiting tote sizes


  • Collection vehicle accidents
    • “Safety tailgates”
    • “Pre-trip checklist form—safety included” DOT requires this.
    • Smartphone limitations for drivers—hands-free installation; policies
    • Vehicle monitoring devices
    • Truck maintenance requirements.

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