Municipal SWC Draft Credit 7: Commitment to Safe Working Conditions (x points)


Ensure worker safety and health outcomes during daily waste collection through

attention to hazards and making worker protection a part of company culture.



Accomplish increased operational regulation, safety resources, and safety awareness campaigns by implementing the relevant SWANA Hauler Safety Toolkit recommendations at each disposal site. Priority must be taken to protect workers from danger on the job, including on the street, inside buildings, inside the vehicle cab, and behind/beside the vehicle hauling material:


  • Make available and complete all employee safety and health training programs in the primary language of the attending employees.
  • Complete and record Risk Assessments for all work tasks.
  • Incentivize workers for monitoring, recording, and reporting worker fatalities and injuries
  • Monitor, record, and report worker fatalities and injuries.
  • Disconnect incentive programs from accident-free periods 
  • Regularly hold focus group meetings between employees and employers. Ensure both parties have the opportunity to communicate opinions on the effectiveness of worker safety regulation, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Regularly hold focus group meetings comprised of employees only to discuss the effectiveness of worker safety regulation, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Have a safety committee regularly present findings and recommendations from these employee-only focus groups to the employer 



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