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Municipal SWC Draft Credit 2: Energy Efficient and Low Emissions Collection (x points)


Reduce fuel consumption and lower air emissions resulting from waste collection


Option 1: Demonstrate fleet fuel economy or criteria emissions per ton-mile of solid waste collection

  • Level 1: Fleet efficiency of 3.4 miles per gallon/gallons diesel equivalent
  • Level 2: Fleet efficiency of 3.55 miles per gallon/gallons diesel equivalent

Option 2: Demonstrate fuel economy of <2.8 annual gallons per ton of waste collected


  • annual emissions per ton of waste collected according to the following table:
VOC[X grams/ton
CO[X grams/ton
NOx[X grams/ton
PM2.5[X grams/ton
PM10[X grams/ton

Potential Strategies

  • Baseline: MPG or MPGGE (Gallon-gasoline equivalents)
    • GGE conversion factors: https://epact.energy.gov/fuel-conversion-factors
    • Diesel gallon equivalents = gasoline gallon equivalents * 1.155

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