Municipal SMMP Draft Prerequisite 1: Comprehensive Sustainable Materials Management Policy(x points)


To promote highest and best use of materials.


Contract with a SWEEP Certified waste services provider that addresses the following requirements.


Design and adopt a Comprehensive Sustainable Materials Management policy that covers all of the following elements as applicable to the jurisdiction:

  • Procurement rules for environmentally preferred products (EPP) and recycled content products, with emphasis on domestic infrastructure
  • Requirements for source separation of materials
  • Environmental and energy performance standards for collection vehicles
  • Establish a public and municipal employee education and information program
  • Require best available management practices for landfill operations (methane recovery, leachate treatment, odor and vector control, safety)
  • Require best available management practices for incineration operations (minimum: meet state emissions standards; better: best available particulate and criteria air pollution control)


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