Use market mechanisms to reduce waste generation and to incentivize more efficient waste management systems.


Adopt the following incentive/market-based policies or procurement requirements for collection/processing franchises or service provider licensing.

Tier 1: Develop and adopt 3 policies/programs

Tier 2: Develop and adopt 5 or more policies/programs

Sample Policies/Programs

  • Pay-as-you-throw variable pricing for black bin, blue bin and green bin services.
  • Offer and promote no-cost regular business waste assessment/audit with recommendations for “right-sizing”.
  • Incentives for product ‘lightweighting’.
  • Tax breaks or other incentives for donations to non-profit food rescue or other intermediate material reuse organizations.
  • Incentives for xeriscape or other policies to reduce grass planting.
  • Optimize and incentivize procurement policies for products and materials that are recyclable andhave recycled content.
  • Creation of recycling market development zones.
  • Adoption of reward-based recycling incentive programs, such as Recyclebank & Tomra buyback centers.
  • Advanced disposal/processing fees; e.g. Tire and battery disposal fees, bottle bill and other container reuse/recovery fees.
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements in municipal procurement or requirements for retail establishments.

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