Municipal PCR Draft Credit 7: Clean and Efficient Material Recovery and Organics Processing Facilities (x points)

Municipal PCR Draft Credit 7: Clean and Efficient Material Recovery and Organics Processing Facilities (x points)


Minimizing the environmental footprint of material recovery and organics processing facilities.


Tier #1:

  • Implements energy conservation which that results in a _____% saving in energy consumption (over a ___ baseline).
  • ____% reduction in non-point source (e.g. rolling stock) emissions and/or energy consumption
  • Facility addresses ambient and indoor air quality through proper dust control practices. Facility achieves X% above OSHA-required standards for ambient and indoor air quality.
  • Facility provides employees with daylight/natural light and access to views/nature.
  • The facility is generating 1-3% of its required power by using solar energy.
  • _____% of the facility (by value) is constructed from recycled or repurposed material.

Tier #2:

  • Facility is LEED-certified.


  • Does the facility Utilize solar energy? What percentage of the KWH is provided through solar?
  • Does The facility uses electric, natural gas or alternative fueled vehicles?
  • Does The facility implements energy-reduction processes (motion-activated lighting, efficient equipment, etc.) and practices? We will want to benchmark energy consumption for a typical facility.

4 thoughts on “Municipal PCR Draft Credit 7: Clean and Efficient Material Recovery and Organics Processing Facilities (x points)”

  1. For Tier #2 please consider LEED and OTHER certifications. The city of Phoenix’s compost facility was certified as an Envision Silver infrastructure project. This is very similar to LEED but for infrastructure projects. Here is a link to the certification program

    Phoenix also recycles a lot of water on-site at its compost facility. Maybe a bullet could be added about water reuse/reclamation features? Especially in desert cities.

  2. Clarify that it applies to both MRF and Organics processing.

    Rename the credit to emphasize reducing environmental footprint.

    Exterior dust should be addressed somewhere.

    Consider moving Indoor environment considerations to Credit 11.

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