Municipal PCR Draft Credit 6: Energy Efficient and Low Emissions Operations (x points)


Reduce the environmental footprint of material recovery facility and organics processing operations.


Demonstrate that organics recovering facility and processing operations meet the following targets:

  • <[XX diesel gallon equivalent energy consumption per ton of product
  • For [50% of rolling stock or [50% of total fuel consumption: Utilize low-sulfur diesel fuel; install catalytic and particulate pollution control devices and/or utilize the ISX12N engine from Cummins Westport or equivalent class of diesel engines
  • For [50% of Processing Equipment:
    • Utilize electric equipment or use ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel; install catalytic and particulate pollution control devices and/or
    • Utilize ILEV or ULEV diesel engines
  • Limit onsite turnaround time to an average of 15 minutes
  • Reduce VOC emissions from active composting phase by 80%
  • Institute best practice dust control techniques

Covered activities include:

  • Take measures to improve energy efficiency per ton of output (machines and buildings)
  • Procure energy efficient or alternative fueled rolling stock (front-end loaders; forklifts; yard hustlers and other onsite hauling) vehicle emissions
  • Procure low emission processing equipment with best available emissions control (e.g. windrow turning equip. + other)
  • Minimize emissions from collection vehicle queuing through idling policies and minimizing facility turnaround time
  • Implement interior and site-level dust & litter suppression
  • Employ odor control technology as warranted
  • Methane & other emissions control for composting
  • ULEV engines count 2X ILEV engines

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