Promote safe and efficient operation of material recovery and organics processing facilities. Ensure worker safety and health outcomes during daily post-collection facility operations through attention to hazards and making worker protection a part of company culture.


Prevent or identify and correct OSHA-related operational violations and/or recommendations in all OSHA covered facilities under the control of the municipality. Accomplish increased operational regulation, safety resources, and safety awareness campaigns by implementing the relevant SWANA Hauler Safety Toolkit recommendations at each facility (including landfills, MRFs, WTE incineration, and other waste treatment facilities).

Tier 1: Demonstrate a current OSHA-compliant safety plan that has been updated within the past 2 years.

Conduct an OSHA (or equivalent) level audit by a qualified auditor following the official forms, which must be completely filled out.

Qualified auditors include:

  • Federal or State OSHA inspector; 
  • Insurance Inspector;
  • Union safety official 
  • Complete all employee safety and health training programs
  • Complete and record Risk Assessments for all work tasks
  • Implement and follow a Safe Driving Policy (option: using SWANA’s template)
  • Distribute Press Release announcing participation in National Safety Stand Down

Full remediation of all OSHA (or equivalent) incidents reported.

Tier 2: No unresolved violations for one year

Tier 3: No unresolved violations for 2+ years

Potential Strategies

List all OSHA violations and state of resolution for the last 5 years. 

Measure compliance with SWANA Hauler Safety Toolkit:

  • Monitor, record, and report worker fatalities and injuries
  • Regularly hold focus group meetings between employees and employers. Ensure both parties have the opportunity to communicate opinions on the effectiveness of worker safety regulation, and suggestions for improvement
  • Siting of processing, recovery, and disposal facilities
  • Proximity to residential populations
  • Proximity to areas with special sensitivities
  • Demographics of areas surrounding waste infrastructure


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