To minimize impacts on community quality of life from waste management facility operations.


The waste disposal facility* owned by the municipality has a policy and specified practices to address all aspects of operations that might result in a reduction in the quality of life for the surrounding residents and/or businesses.

Demonstrate that the facility has no unresolved or unaddressed complaints regarding the operational elements listed above.

  • No unaddressed noise complaints or violations within the last three years:
    • Noise
    • Traffic
    • Pest/Vermin
    • Odor
  • Proper Install filtration on exhaust ventilation system to the outdoors that captures >80% of PM 2.5 or smaller particles.
  • Dust or litter is inspected and recovered within a 1-mile radius of facility boundary; and at least 2 miles along primary access routes
  • Record of no unaddressed complaints or violations
  • Emissions from rolling stock and other operations
  • No unaddressed odor complaints or violations within the last year
  • Stormwater management (wind control)
  • No unaddressed pest/vermin complaints or violations within the last year
  • Property value issues (this may be an “Innovation” credit?)
  • No unaddressed traffic complaints or violations within the last year

*Note: “Waste disposal facility” includes transfer stations, landfills and thermal conversion facilities.

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