Municipal PCD Draft Credit 5: Landfill Emissions Minimization (x points)


To effectively manage and minimize emissions from landfills, including air emissions and leachate in order to prevent or reduce air and surface and groundwater contamination.


Air Emissions

Implement a control system designed and operated to

  • reduce NMOC by 98 weight percent, or,
  • when an enclosed combustion device is used for control,
    • to either reduce NMOC by 98 weight percent or
    • to reduce the outlet to less than 20 parts per million by volume, dry basis as hexane at 3 percent oxygen.

The reduction efficiency or parts per million by volume shall be established by an initial performance test to be completed no later than 180 days after the initial startup of the approved control system using the test methods specified in § 60.754(d).

Water Emissions

  1. Implement PCD Stormwater Management Credit
  2. The landfill has no outstanding violations of existing permitted landfill effluent emission limits including:
  • Discharges from wastewater treatment facilities handling the leachate.
  • Groundwater and surface water pollutant concentration limits.
  1. The landfill has an effective leachate management system, which includes:
  • Operational practices that prevent water from penetrating the landfill cap in the first place.
  • Methods of measuring leachate volumes, concentration and composition
  • Leachate collection and diversion infrastructure.
  • Effective methods of processing leachate (on-site or off-site).
  • Regular testing of groundwater and surface water for the presence of leachate compounds.
  • Remediation plan in the case of leakage.


CFR § 60.762 Standards for air emissions from municipal solid waste landfills.

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  1. Bill Keegan: Note the source of the air emissions language.

    Further define “effective” in context leachate treatment: on-site and off-site. What is the actual standard of contamination are we are interested in?

    Issue of WWTP removing PFOSs/PFCs [issue of what is BACT? Leachate can be a big source for this.
    Chloride contamination from leachate as well.

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