Municipal PCD Draft Credit 4: Landfill Stormwater management (x points)


To effectively manage stormwater at a landfill to minimize run-off exposure to waste and production of leachate.


Develop a comprehensive stormwater management plan that

  • minimizes stormwater penetration of open and closed cells
  • provides for regular inspection of stormwater control measures
  • meets the performance objectives of the system described below stormwater management system
  • keeping and maintaining comprehensive operations, maintenance, and discharging records

Demonstrate that the landfill has an effective stormwater management system in place to prevent rainwater precipitation from entering the waste, including:

  • Landfill must not be sited:
    • in wetlands
    • in the 100-year flood plain of adjacent rivers or streams
  • Leachate and stormwater management systems must be separate
  • Stormwater run-on must not come within 100 yards of the base of capped or active cells.
  • Stormwater runoff must not exit site untreated

Potential Strategies:

  • Design of the daily cell to minimize ponding and run-off into the waste
  • Maintaining the slopes of the landfill to minimize erosion and increased runoff
  • Define existing and intermittent flow channels and the area and characteristics of the contributing watershed;
  • Schedule landfilling operations to minimize disturbed areas (i.e., phase-in operations);
  • Attempt to limit the handling of topsoil or cover materials to only one operation;
  • Construct and stabilize stormwater controls in advance of landfilling;
  • Stop flowing water from entering the active fill area with permanent perimeter diversions;
  • Establish a complete sequence of controls (i.e. interception, conveyance, transportation, energy dissipation and sediment disposition);
  • Use stormwater detention to improve the quality and reduce the intensity of stormwater runoff;
  • Plan for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permit by keeping good operations records and monitoring discharges off the site;
  • Avoid, if possible, combining leachate and stormwater management systems;
  • Use a surface water collection/ removal (SWCR) system immediately above the hydraulic barrier in the final closure cap. Geonets, geocomposites and/or granular material can be used for this purpose;
  • Inspect and maintain controls after each significant storm
  • Integrate run-off/run-on and erosion and sediment control into every phase of the landfill operation.

Resource on how to measure/manage stormwater:


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  1. Consider substituting “precipitation” for “rainwater” in Demonstrate… paragraph

    Consider clarifying: “Attempt to limit the handling of topsoil or cover materials to only one operation;”

    Eliminate: “Avoid, if possible, combining leachate and stormwater management systems;” Conflicts with requirements

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